App Review | ViewFind – Visual Storytelling


Here we go, app review #2! I very much enjoyed writing my last post, which was a review of Facet – Video Travel Inspiration (which you can read here), so I decided to keep the ball rolling with a new one. This time, we’re going to look at ViewFind – Visual Storytelling, which is a news feed app that features stories from photojournalists. So how is it different from every other news application out there? Normally, news articles have you read a bunch of text with some photos sprinkled here and there. With ViewFind, the photos take center stage while the text is just an option you can turn on or off. First you select a story, then you swipe through a series of beautifully shot photos that together form an interesting story. By tapping on any image, you can toggle subtitles that give more details on what’s happening in the photo. That’s the brief overview, now let’s dive into the review.

User Experience: B

App Review | Facet – Video Travel Inspiration


As a designer at SnapMobile, I pretty much live and breath mobile apps. I try to occasionally download random apps to check out their user experience, and every now and then I come across an exceptional one. Facet is an app where you can upload short videos (much like Vine), but instead of being funny, these videos are supposed to try to capture an experience. For example, if I eat a meal at a beachfront restaurant in Hawaii, I can record a bunch of clips and then splice them together to make a 15 second video that captures the whole experience. Users can then view the video, add an emoji reaction, and pin the experience to a board. That’s the overview, now let’s get into the details.

Overall Idea: A-

5 Tips to Improve your Mobile Experience


Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Ash, of Site Tuners and digital marketing expert, at a content marketing conference in Chicago. Recently, I asked if he would share his insights on mobile experience with the SnapMobile audience. He provided the below best practices and mobile experience tips. Enjoy, and be sure to check out the original post on the Site Tuners blog.

Mobile experience is on its way to becoming just an aspect of digital experience. It’s still worth discussing separately, for now, but that may not be the case in the next 3-4 years.

Mobile Apps | Defining a Successful MVP



If you have an idea for an application and have done your homework on concept validation, you’ve probably seen some terms thrown around; proof of concept, prototype, minimum viable product, beta… While they all sound like fancy words referring to the same thing, they actually serve distinct purposes in creating a successful product. Britt Armour’s blog post does a great job of explaining some of the differences, so I’ll use my post to talk specifically about MVPs and what makes one successful.

The Art of the Startup Pitch


Guest Post written by Scott Kitun, CEO of Technori and startup pitch expert.

Since Shark Tank hit the mainstream everyone seems to be a Pitch Pro! And, yet… If you ask most startup founders, raising capital is still very difficult, if not impossible. But, why? I mean, with the hundreds of pitch contests and demo days that have popped up since Technori launched more than 6 years ago, you’d think there would be plenty of opportunities for pitch practice! Unfortunately, that’s not the case!

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