SnapNews | Hummus-on-Demand, Food Waste & the Internet’s 25th


TL; DR – In this edition of SnapNews, we cover the internet’s Sweet 25th, Food Cowboy, Humus-as-a-Service, and thoughts on innovation in healthcare.

Happy 25th Birthday, Internet! by Lauren Fellure

How to Build a Great Referral Network at your Startup


We’ve all heard the saying – the best sales leads generally come from a referral. As an entrepreneurial business, building a referral network is a critical sales activity for our team. The reality is that our company is new and we do not have the brand recognition and case studies that a firm with 10 – 20 years of experience has.

The more important truth is that a young business needs to build trust before signing a new customer. Certainly, you’ve heard the statement – no one gets fired for hiring IBM. This is because IBM is a proven and established brand. The trust factor has already been created. For those of us who don’t work for a company where the brand immediately instills trust, we need to find other ways to build credibility. This is why our referral network is so important.

How to Network and Sell with a Purpose

Business Communication Duplicate model

I’m fortunate to meet quite a few people over the course of a month. As a sales exec and start-up entrepreneur, networking to find new clients is the lifeblood of our business.

What I’ve tried to study over 10 years of coffee meetings is how to make a 30-minute conversation valuable for both parties. While the answers may sound simple, it’s important that you can clearly articulate the type of customer that best fits your business.

Why I’m Building My Own Personal Computer


Everyone has a personal computer; on your desk, in your pocket, in front of your face as you read this blog post… We use them constantly. Yet for something that is so important to our modern routines, not many people understand anything about how they work. They seem so complex on the inside, most people are content being ignorant and don’t question the series of scientific miracles happening before their eyes as they Google funny cat gifs.

I just finished reading The Innovators, by Walter Isaacson, a book that covers the entire history of the computer and internet, showcasing the long list of contributors who slowly moved the world to our current age of information. It’s a great book and I recommend it to anyone interested in technology. It does a great job of breaking down the computer into digestible chunks, reinforcing the idea that even the most complicated structures are really just a collection of smaller, simpler structures.

Rio2016 – Best Olympics Memes, GIFs and Media, plus Frank Ocean | SnapNews

TL; DR – Welcome to the Olympic (and Frank Ocean) themed edition of SnapNews!  We cover the best memes, gossip and social media of Rio 2016, how tech has changed events, the Opening Ceremonies, and whether Frank Ocean will ever drop his new album.


#Rio2016 – Olympics Week 1 Round-Up 

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